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Whether every possible issue is contested or you agree on almost everything, the divorce process is intimidating and confusing. It is easy to make a misstep without proper guidance. We are experienced in the process and will assist you in making the often hard choices required.  A marriage is a legal contract and a divorce is a legal process. You shouldn’t have to approach it alone.


You and your ex-spouse’s future relationship with your children is perhaps the most crucial element of the entire divorce process. Defining the terms of those relationships carefully helps ensure that the best interests of your children are represented. 


It has been said that criminal law involves bad people on their best behavior whereas family law involves good people at their worst. Sometimes judicial intervention is required to protect the spouse, the children or marital property. We are prepared to get you the protection you require or to defend you against you ex's claims of misbehavior.


There are very specific rules concerning how child support is determined and they are not to be approached lightly. The law is clear that both parents have a duty to support their children. Diligent representation ensures that happens. 


It goes without saying that a marriage changes both parties’ financial picture. Likewise, a divorce often radically alters the financial  landscape. Meticulous attention to the details of alimony and other spousal support issues ensures that both parties are able to move past the process in a manner they can afford.


A Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce that isn’t followed is meaningless. We are experienced and prepared to make sure that you get what you were awarded, whether it be visitation with your child, financial support or an equitable division of your marital property.


Our system of laws requires that there be an appropriate forum for resolving disputes. Whether it be in a courtroom, mediation with a neutral party, arbitration before a panel of experts or negotiation between paid representatives, we are experienced in all methods of getting disputes resolved. After all, no reasonable person wants or needs to be embroiled in prolonged litigation. Getting things resolved favorably and over is always in our client’s best interest.


No one makes money arguing. Small business enterprises are not in the business litigating; their business is creating profits. We understand that and are experienced in getting to the heart of a dispute and resolving it so that you can get back to your business.

Business pursuits sometimes have to come to an end. When this happens, disputes arise. Shareholder or owner's interests do not always align. When this happens, expensvie and wasteful arguements ensue. We are experienced in the process of wrapping up businesses and assisting the owners through the transition and on to their next endevors.




The Law Firm of W Phillip McCurdy, LLC is one of the leading family law and civil litigation firms in the Metro Atlanta area. W. Phillip McCurdy and his team bring 30 years of hands-on experience leading clients through the legal process from the first filings until the case has concluded including mediation, litigation, and all aspects of client care. 


We understand that every case is unique, but our experience lets us design the best strategy to reach your desired outcome in the most practical way. Our extensive network of experts and reputation smooths the process as much as possible for you allowing you to be personally guided and well cared for while at the same time receiving the best legal counsel available. This gives you the best of both worlds: personalized attention to your case and the cost efficiency of using only those resources that make sense for your situation. 


The Law Offices of W. Phillip McCurdy give specialized attention to your case and only accept a limited number of active cases at any given time. Click below to schedule an initial consultation and see if our firm is a fit for you.


It makes a difference knowing that your attorney understands what outcome is most important to you. With our consistently superior ratings, we encourage you to take a look at what others are saying about The Law Firm of W. Phillip McCurdy, LLC.


Calm, Courteous, Professional. Your questions answered in an honest and forthright fashion. With 30 years of experience and an exceptional track record, you will quickly find that you are in a place where you can get the help you need.


Our offices have particular expertise handling high-asset, complex litigation as well as possessing a deep knowledge of how to best manage the intracies of dealing with a difficult or impaired spouse.


Expect your time to be well spent, the advice about your outcomes to be compasionate yet direct. Our team genuinely cares about you, your family and your best outcome. To that end we employ the best of our abilities to bring your situation to an amicable conclusion. We are exceptional in mediation, arbitration or as your advocate in the courtroom.






Don't spend another day worrying. Instead, get knowledgable answers from someone who has real experience handling the very issues that are keeping you up at night.


Don't make the mistake of getting your legal advice from those who are not the experts in handling your type of problem. This is your life. Shouldn't you make it your top priority?  


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